Welcome to Casino Basics 101.   In the article below you can skip through the game of your choice and start getting a basic understanding of how it works.  Before getting started however we would like to remind you to always play responsibly and when the fun stops, do STOP!

Casino Games are meant to be a source of entertainment and thrill if played reasonably. Stay in control and enjoy the experience.

We will cover some basic definitions which you will inevitably come across at some point or other.

·        Random Number Generator (RNG)

A Random Number Generator (also known as RNG) is a computer driven programme that generates a sequence of numbers or symbols that cannot be reasonably predicted better than by random chance.

·        Return to Player (RTP)

The average amount returned to all customers on a game over a period of time. The average return to player is measured over thousands of spins or turns and there is no guarantee of a return each time a game is played.


Casino Games


Slots are an online player game and are among the most popular game in the casino. 
The fact that they are so simple to play makes them a popular choice among newcomers. The player will just
choose their stake and hit the big spin button. Winnings are then determined by a combination of symbols that appear on the screen when the reel stops


Slots are a game of chance, they are designed to be simple and fun, there is no skill involved and the outcome is completely random.  All you do is choose the size of your stake and hit spin.  The outcome is lady luck’s hands. 


Important to remember that Slots use an RNG (see definition above) making it impossible to determine an outcome.  This means that there is never any skill involved and such a game cannot be predicted or studied.   We always remind our readers to Gamble
responsibly and within their affordability.



Blackjack is a more strategic game as opposed to slots. It requires better understanding of probability and odds to play it properly. 


·        You begin by placing an opening bet before the dealer has dealt anything.  At this point
you are literally betting in the blind.

·        You are then dealt two cards face up.  The dealer also deals two to himself, one is face up and one face down.  During this round you may decide to place another bet, based on the strength of your two cards and the one card of the dealers that is always dealt face up.   This is where things start getting exciting

·        Now you decide whether to keep what you have or “tap” for another card to be dealt
to you
, with the ultimate aim being to get to as near to 21 (or ideally 21).  Pay attention to your card count here as going over 21 leads to instant defeat.

·        You can ask for as many extra cards as you want, with the goal being to end up with a
higher final score
(less or equal than 21) than the dealer.


The main skill behind playing blackjack is to know when to take another card, ‘hit’ or ‘stand’ with what you have got.

This choice should be based on two things

i)             what the dealer is showing you (this is information you have) and secondly;

ii)           if you decide to take another card what is the probability of it improving your chances of winning? (it’s one thing to be at a total of 9 and quite another to have a total of 20).


Although some level of skill is involved in the game of blackjack, Of course, as with all games of chance you can only affect the outcome in the areas that you control. Whilst it is important that you understand how to play the game and when you should make certain betting decisions, you cannot predict what card you or the dealer will get, that is
dependent on chance.


Remember this when you place your bets and never bet more than you can afford to gamble. Always gamble responsibly and within your means.



Roulette is a game of chance, plain and simple; you will never influence the outcome, however you can lower your risk depending on how you structure your bets.


The wheel is typically made up of 37 colored holes, numbered 0 to 36 (inclusive). 18 are red, 18 are black and one is green (zero). The goal is to predict which of the numbers the ball is going to land on.


Among the numerous betting you can choose from, are single number, red or black and odd or even. The odds you get are relative to the probability of them occurring.


Correctly predicting the number that the ball will land on has a 2.7% chance of winning and pays 35 times the bet. Whilst correctly predicting the color, or whether it is odd or even has a 48.6% chance of winning and pays 1:1 (amount equivalent to the bet placed).


You can improve your chances of winning by deciding which betting option to take. The
higher the odds the lower the chance of winning, however you cannot influence the outcome of the spin
and there are no trends to follow, as it’s completely random. 


Again, Roulette runs on a Random Number Generator to ensure that no trends are possible. Keep the above points in mind before placing a bet and please Play Responsibly.



Poker requires more skill than other table games, albeit with a large element of chance also.  The cards dealt will ultimately determine your chances of winning.


The most common Poker game today is Texas Hold’em. To win at Texas Hold’em, you want to make the best possible five-card hand from the seven that are dealt.


Initially each player is dealt two cards, followed by three further rounds where five shared cards are dealt (three, then one, then one) with betting opportunities after each round of cards.


The rounds work as follows:
1. Pre-flop – no cards are dealt but players may Bet or Fold depending on the 5 cards in hand.

2. Flop – At this stage, 3 cards are placed in the middle of the table (face-up). If the combination of your cards and the three laid out has improved the strength of your hand, you may check, call, bet, raise or fold (if you don’t believe in the hand).   Folding means you have quit the hand and will not put in any more money for the rest of the round.
3. Turn – A fourth card is dealt and you get the same decision making process once more based on your top 5 cards.

4. River – The fifth and last card that will be dealt.


During each round of betting you can choose to Raise, Call, Check or Fold your hand.  The player can win either by holding the strongest hand or by forcing all the other players to fold their hands. The winner gets the ‘pot,’ which is all the money bet during that hand.


Poker is a relatively simple game to play anywhere but it does require a high degree of skill to play well especially if you are playing for larger stakes. You need to have a good understanding of probability and odds of a set of cards winning. Another skill which top pro’s master is the ability to ‘read’ another player’s actions and behaviors. Have they got a good hand or are they trying to bluff you (potentially forcing you to hold the stronger hand)?


Poker is a great and simple game to win and as long as you are playing for some fun, it’s ok to rely more on chance than skill however beware that skilled players will always win more in the long run.   If you intend to play seriously, do your homework and remember to never bet more than you can afford. Always gamble responsibly and within your means.



Bingo is a simple game and more popular among over 50 players generally due to its simplicity and “social” interaction with the card room.   

·        Each player receives a card on which numbers are printed

·        Numbers are then drawn via a random number generator and you mark them off on your card as they are drawn


To keep the game engaging there are several prizes awarded throughout the game.  The overall winner is the first one to cross off all the numbers on their card.  This is also known as a ‘House’.


Bingo is an easy and fun game to play, there is no skill involved, you cannot guess the outcome and there is no way of determining it either.  You just choose your stake (typically small stakes are placed on Bingo), the rest is in the hands of chance.


Despite Bingo being fun and relatively safe, we always advise you to gamble responsibly and within your means